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To be a leading athletics association in the management and development of athletics


  •  To promote and manage the growth and development of athletics through the provision of leadership, direction, training, competition, equipment and facilities at all levels in Grenada


The Grenada Athletic Association was established in 1927. The objects are as follows:

  1. To promote the development of Sports in Grenada, in accordance with any declared National Sports Policy which acknowledges the special role of Sports in the development process. This involves working closely with the Ministry of Sports, the Grenada Olympic Committee and any other relevant organization.
  2. To encourage, regulate and control athletics in Grenada.
  3. To improve the management and level of organisation of athletic meetings in Grenada through the establishment of uniform regulations.
  4. To foster and promote international and regional Athletic meetings.
  5. To promote Annual Championship meetings for local athletes in order to facilitate local rankings as well as objective criteria on which to base selection for regional and international competitions.
  6. To promote local athletic meetings and assist local clubs in organising said meetings.
  7. To facilitate adequate preparation of local athletes through the organising of regular keep-fit sessions held either singularly or in union with clubs.
  8. To arrange either singularly or in union with others, seminars, clinics and workshops aimed at building a cadre of competent coaches in athletics.
  9. To do all such things as may be necessary or proper for the development and maintenance of athletics in Grenada.
  10. To promote the widest possible participation among Grenadian people in the activities of the Association.
  11. To seek, through both singular and joint efforts, to obtain finances necessary to effect the annual programmes of the Association.
  12. To abide by the regulations governing the International parent body of Athletics.
  13. To do all such acts or things as are incidental, or as the Association may think conducive to these objects or any of them.


The Association is responsible for the following classes of sports:-

  1. Running, including hurdling, steeple chasing, obstacle racing, cross country running and road racing.
  2. Walking.
  3. Jumping and pole vaulting.
  4. Shot putting and discus, javelin, hammer and weight throwing.
  5. Tug of War.
  6. Any other sport involving track and field competition.